SplashTablet Case Product Review

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This is a product review for the SplashTablet Case! 

A few weeks ago, while playing around on Pinterest, I found a new product that I just HAD TO TRY! I am an avid baker and I’m always looking for new ways to enhance my kitchen experience and baking parties! When I contacted Jeff Bonnell, creator of the SplashTablet Case, I eagerly asked if him if I could try out his product! Three days later, I had a beautiful tablet case at my door! GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!

Baking with Melissa: Splash Tablet Case Review

This case is perfect for so many reasons! First and foremost, it’s waterproof! WHAT!? Yes, you read that correctly, this is a waterproof tablet case! These days, most home cooks/chefs are using tablets and laptops to find recipes online and/or to watch cooking videos! This is risky business in the kitchen! We can easily spill something on our tablet or even knock it over into the sink. The SplashTablet Case is designed to protect your iPad from accidental spills in the kitchen! You can also place your protected iPad or tablet up on the cabinets or refrigerator to give you more counter space! Simply place the suction cup on a flat surface or a refrigerator and lock into place with the white hook!

Baking with Melissa: Splash Tablet Case ReviewI found it extremely helpful to have my iPad off my counter space while baking! It can also be used by your pool, your next beach trip or even in the shower!

Baking with Melissa: Splash Tablet Case Review

If you find yourself using your iPad or tablet in the kitchen, I highly recommend this product! You will keep your iPad safe from spills and you can easily move the case around your kitchen as you cook! Check out The SplashTablet Case website here! You can watch fun youtube videos about the product and see all of the ways that you can use it! AND BEST OF ALL, right now, it’s on sale for only $33.75!!! Buy two and you get free Shipping!

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