Learn to Bake with Love with new children’s book, “Albert”!

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Learn to Bake with Love with new children’s book, “Albert”!

 Story and Illustrations by Beth W. Roberts

This is the sweetest little story about a cute little mouse named; Albert! Not only is this the perfect bed time story, but it also includes two delicious recipes that you can make with your kids! The recipes included in the book are Albert’s Favorite Chocolate Chip Cookies and Fran’s Bran Oatmeal Cookies! There are even cookie delivery labels in the book that you can cut out and use as well! SO CUTE!!!

Here’s a sneak peek of the book and some notes from the author.

Learn to Bake with Love with new children's book, "Albert"!

Learn to Bake with Love with new children’s book, “Albert”!

Albert is the story of a mouse—a mischievous, fun loving and very special mouse. There have been many stories about adventurous, talking mice, but there’s never been a story about a mouse who bakes delicious treats with love and sunshine and delivers them to your doorstep all wrapped in red bows. This is a story about how Albert came to live with Bob and Franny, and how he learned to share love, kindness and sweet surprises with everyone, just to make them merry.

Albert is about loving, baking, and giving. And inside, you’ll find recipes, labels, and inspiration for finding the Albert in your own heart.

Learn to Bake with Love with new children's book, "Albert"!

Notes From the Author:

My book, Albert, has just been published by Belle Isle Books (www.belleislebooks.com), an imprint of Brandylane Publishers, Inc., and it is a tale about our family’s passion for baking and sharing it with others.  Below, I’m attaching some sneak peek photos of the book, as well as a dashing picture of Albert. The book was inspired by my husband’s now 101 years “young” (she refuses to say “years old”) great aunt, who still bakes cookies every week for everyone’s birthday in her retirement community in South Carolina. After I published my first book, The Christmas Spider, she was asking me to write one about the mouse her husband used to tell stories about to their 3 sons. The book is a bit about that mischievous mouse of her husband’s imagination and bit about the spirit of joy and love that she emanates as an individual. One of the recipes in the book is hers and one is mine, so it ties our family together in a sweet way. The book also has cut out baking labels that kids can wrap their cookies up with and send about.

Learn to Bake with Love with new children's book, "Albert"!

Albert the adorable mouse!

To find out more information about Beth W. Roberts, check out her website . You can also find more of Beth’s work on her Amazon Author Page, Facebook Page, Autographed books on Etsy and on Books at Barnes and Noble!

The story behind the story:

The story behind Albert

Learn to Bake with Love with new children’s book, “Albert”!

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