Bake sales are great fundraisers

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Bake sales are great fundraisers

26848One of the greatest acts of kindness that we can give to the less fortunate is organizing a fundraising event for them. If you want to extend a helping hand, things such as bake sales have proven to be great fundraisers that can raise a lot of money relying on very little to no capital to get things off the ground. Additionally, a bake sale fundraiser brings people together to reach a common goal. If you’re thinking about starting one, here are three things that you need to keep in mind.

No hiring, just volunteers


Small fundraisers should never hire helpers. The usual practice is that the fundraising leader should find able hands that are willing to volunteer for a good cause. Even big International charities regularly find volunteers, even if they have employees, because earnings from fundraising work cannot support a lot of people expecting a full wage at the end. They’re always in need of volunteers, especially those operating in countries that are troubled by war and conflict. Before you begin your fundraising event, make sure to find volunteers first who are willing to help you out.

Donations are vital

Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies

If you want to maximize the funds raised at your event, ask for ingredients. Be specific in what you need so people will know what to give you. Don’t just write, “Need donations for making 1000 Oreo-stuffed chocolate chip cookies.” Instead, make a list of ingredients and yield you’ll need for baking, and allocate them to people who may be willing to help you. Get the names and numbers of possible donors so you can ask them again in the future if you start another bake sale.

Complement your baked items

Bake sales are a great fundraiser

Take advantage of the weather when doing a bake sale. Is it a hot afternoon? Sell cold bottled water or lemonade to people. If it’s cold, add coffee or hot chocolate to your menu. If sales are slow, you can integrate gimmicks such as “Buy 2 cupcakes and get 1 free.” Don’t be afraid to reach out to people by telling them why you’re doing it and you’ll make your bake sale successful. It would help if you have an experienced fundraising leader that you can rely on for help in marketing your food.

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Banana Bread or Muffins

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